Gantry Crane & Goliath Crane Manufacturers

At IMT We ManufactreGantry cranes which are are very economical for lifting materials as compared to overhead cranes. These cranes are highly durable and portable. Available in wide ranging capacities, spans and lifting speeds, these gantry cranes are completely custom designed. Gantry cranes are designed for warehouses, stockyards, scrap yards and railway yards. Auxiliary hoisting mechanism can also be provided. The cranes are available as single or double girder and for indoor and outdoor duty. Gantry cranes are easy to erect and maintain. Moreover, the gantry cranes can be moved to a new location with less trouble than overhead cranes. Also, it is easy to extend the length of the runway and working area of gantry cranes. The range of gantry cranes can be broadly classified into deck-leg gantry, through-leg gantry and semi gantry.